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  • Bamboo Fence - Solid Cane

    Bamboo Fence - Solid Cane

    Guaranteed Lowest Price in Canada

    6 Foot Tall X 8 Feet Wide $109.99

    This is our most popular bamboo fence, and is built with approximately 3/4" to 1" inch Bamboo Canes. Each cane is harvest at its prime age of between 3 - 5 years in a sustainable manner. The bamboo canes are first hand picked, cleaned, fire straightened, hand positioned to create the maximum privacy, and threaded  together with 4 rows of thick galvanized weather proof wire. The top of most poles have a solid node to form a beautiful natural cap.  

    Our bamboo fence can be incorporated into a frame, as can be seen in the first picture.  Please note that the frame in the first picture, is not included with this fence roll.

    This bamboo fence ships in a roll, or can be picked up at our retail center. Once the roll is stretched out, this fence measures 6 feet tall X 8 feet wide. This fence can be zip tied to a deck rail, or any size of chain link fence easily, to create a fast 6 feet tall privacy fence.