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Bamboo Groves in Chilliwack, British Columbia, CanadaPhyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo) 8 - 11 feet tall

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Bamboo World is a wholesaler of bamboo plants, bamboo poles, bamboo stakes, bamboo canes, and bamboo fencing.

We have been in business since 1998, and offer a vast array of rare, clumping, and running bamboo plants in all sizes. Our bamboo farm has mature established bamboo groves of rare species of bamboo, not often available, especially in such large sizes.  We have an inventory of bamboo plants up to 35 feet tall.  Our bamboo stakes, canes, and poles, come in various lengths, and diameters; some of them are available fresh cut from our groves.


We can arrange shipping, accommodate your carrier, or sell to you FOB Chilliwack.  If using your own freight carrier, you can tell them that we have room for extra large trucks, including 53 feet semi trailers.

Feel free to contact us, or submit your request for a quote online, from the shopping cart checkout form.  After adding what you want into the shopping cart, click the GET A QUOTE button, instead of the checkout button, found at the bottom of the shopping cart.

If you need advice for your projects; we're always willing to help.

We promise to do our best to supply you with the right bamboo plants and materials, on time, and at the right price.

Phone or Email:
Vancouver: 604-596-2090
Chilliwack: 604-792-9003


8450 Banford Road
Chilliwack, British Columbia
V2P 6H3


Speciman Size Plants

Speciman Size Plants

If you are impatient and want immediate privacy, you may want to consider our specimen sized plants.
They are large plants from our mature bamboo groves that will give you an established look right away.
Most specimen sized pants can be divided into multiple plants if you want to save on plant cost.

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